****** Bring It On aka "Zack" ****** 
Zack is a 14.1h pony. Zack helps students learn to trot or helps them continue their education through jumping 2'3". He is an honest pony that needs leg. Zack is used for our IEA teams, lessons, and shows. 


****** Mariposa's Shiloh "Shiloh"****** 
"Shiloh" is a 16h Percheron/QH geld. He is an amazing lesson horse. Shiloh is great to learn to trot, canter or learn to jump. He is a sweet, kind horse with lots of love and a forgiving personality. He is used in our IEA teams and lessons. He also travels to shows. He was the 2014 Mini hunter Year End Champion in Elite Show Jumping  Series and Cherly and Co Horse Show Series.


****** Holly La Coqueta "Holly" ******
Holly is a16.1H  10 year old hann/tb mare trained by our trainer, Jamie Bice.  She used in lessons, IEA team practice and loves to show with Mariposa Farms.


Mario is a 15h  8 year old QH gelding.  He joined our program in July 2014.  He is an honest, quick learner.  He is safe for beginners, but talented enough for advanced riders.

We also have a few privately owned horses we use in our program.  If you have a safe, fun horse we offer discounts on board for light use in our program.  Contact Jamie for more information.


****** Cobalt*******

Cobalt is a 14.1h young QH.  He quiet for his age and really teaches his riders to ride correctly in a respectful way.  He is super sweet on the ground and undersaddle.  He loves to show, even though he has only done a few.